• playoffs anyone? I think yes.
  • movies are da best, but i find myself watching more television
  • oh man, not another one of these
  • how does one function this early in the morning
  • nifty-nikki
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  • Who will love you? Who will fight?
  • Stand there and look into my eyes
  • You don`t know
  • You have a choice!
  • rosydy
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  • && time has brought your H E A R T to me♥
  • && then everything changed when the Fire Nation A T T A C K E D♥
  • &this B O N D between us, can't be B R O K E N♥
  • &&a P A R A D I S E untouched by man♥
  • kaylabelle
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  • If you ever need more then you can take more of my love.
  • Muscle to muscle and toe to toe. Please don’t go, please don’t go, I love you so!
  • Ooh la, she was such a good girl to me and ooh la, the world just chewed her up, and spat her out.
  • Give me all your love now 'cause for all we know we might be dead by tomorrow.

  • In pieces #24
  • In pieces #23
  • In pieces #22
  • Galactic girl #10...
  • k-schrager
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  • "The only sound for miles, your soothing voice I remember now."
  • "And I still see you when I try to sleep. I see the garden, the tower, the street."
  • "Please don't cry, you can fly, and there's a blinding light inside of you."
  • "Velvet lips and the eyes to pull me in. We both know you'd already win."
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  • snow angel
  • let's play dress up emma!
  • floo powder power! floo powder power!
  • b.tch i ain't cho chang.
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  • We can make it right Have a heart on fire secret joy all through the night I feel love everytime cause music makes me feel alive
  • Wherever you going, oh I'll be into it We got a good thing going, I can't see an end to it If you believe it, we can get into it Hold on to everything, don't fear anything
  • There's a room where the light won't find you Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down When they do I'll be right behind you
  • You’re the one I follow, Follow into the middle. Middle of the shadows, Far away from all the sorrows. You’re the one I follow,
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  • hero
  • forget
  • fall
  • love
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  • Urban safari
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Best coats of the season
  • Feet in the air
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