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  • || cause you think you think your only crime is that you got caught || FOB Colour Series ||
  • || burn everything you love, then burn the ashes || FOB Colour Series ||
  • || we are wild, we are like young volcanoes || FOB Colour Series ||
  • || but do you got room for one more troubled soul? || FOB Colour Series ||

  • Lovers on the sun.
  • You said forever.
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  • Mind my simple song, this ain't gonna work, mind my wicked words and tipsy, topsy slurs.
  • Where are you? And I'm so sorry, I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight, I need somebody and always, the sick, strange darkness, comes creeping on, so haunting every time.
  • Way above the clouds, and high above the stars, through the unknown black holes, no one knows where we are, but we'll return to earth and do it all over again.
  • We can’t be talking like this, we can’t be talking ‘cause I’m faded, waitin’, drinkin’ what I poured you, here in my hotel room, I be waitin’ for you.
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  • Tidestore trench coats
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